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March 6, 2024. We are happy to announce the 2024 Friends of Newman North Merit Scholarship, a program dedicated to recognizing and supporting students at UB who are active in the Newman community! More Information

Fr. Paul, Senior Parochial Vicar

We are so lucky to have Fr. Paul Seil as the senior parochial vicar for the campus ministry family, with a special assignment to the Newman Center.

In Fr. Pat’s words:

“Bishop Fisher has assigned a priest to us! He is popular, hard-working, friendly, very social, and he’s very much fun… his name is Fr. Paul Seil, the former pastor at Our Lady of Perpetual Health in the Old First Ward.”



Fr. Pat Keleher Retired

After 35 years as the director of the UB Newman Center, our dear friend and spiritual leader, Msgr. Pat Keleher, has announced his retirement! Fr. Pat’s last day was Sunday, July 9.

THANK YOU, Fr. Pat, for your love and support through the years!

The Friends of Newman North

The Friends of Newman North will continue our mission to support the UB Newman community and students.

Our organization was established in June 2020 during a time of great uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and financial insecurity amid the Church’s abuse scandal. Our mission has been to support the Newman Center and help Fr. Pat realize his vision of creating a strong and vibrant Catholic campus ministry community at and around UB. The principle of service to others and the community was preached by John Cardinal Newman, a 19th-century Catholic priest, who saw such service as a fundamental expression of Christian love, especially in a university environment.

We at the Friends of Newman North are committed to advancing John Cardinal Newman’s vision, which has been so beautifully nurtured and grown by Fr. Pat’s inspired leadership for 35 years.

We will continue to work with Fr. Paul Seil as Senior Parochial Vicar of the UB Newman Center.

As the Newman Center fosters and builds faith, it also cultivates an understanding of community in a welcoming environment to help students enjoy and learn during their brief time at UB. Together, we’ll build a future filled with spiritual growth and community.

Friends of Newman North Support

Thanks to the support of generous donors, the Friends of Newman North has provided financial assistance to support projects that help the UB Newman Center carry out its work in both campus ministry and the parish faith community. Here are some recent examples of that support.

Friends of Newman North Merit Scholarships

At the end of the Fall 2022 semester, we were pleased to award Friends of Newman North scholarships to 14 outstanding students who have shown academic achievement, community engagement, and devotion to our faith. Scholarship awards totaled: $17,000.

We funded landscaping services and materials to build the Stations of the Cross on the grassy lawn behind the Newman Center. Total contribution: more than $4,000. 

For the last two years, the FONN has sponsored Christmas gifts and stockings for students. FONN donated more than $1,000 to provide these gifts to those who otherwise might not have received them. 

FONN provided financial support to help launch the Young Adult Professionals networking initiative, a mentoring program for young adults from the UB and wider Buffalo communities. Contribution: $500.

The Friends of Newman North has also provided funding for a Spirit Night, held during one of our weekly Wednesday Night Student Dinners. Contribution: $350.

Continuing our Mission

We have plans to support a number of projects going forward, including additional student scholarships, sponsoring guest speakers, and infrastructure improvements.


We deeply appreciate every contribution, large or small, as it assists us in supporting and promoting the Newman Center’s purpose. Checks can be made out to Friends of Newman North and mailed to 5171 Anfield Rd., Williamsville, NY 14221. You also have the option to donate online.

Newman is more than just a place – it’s our home. With your continued backing, we’re excited to assist students and families in nurturing and expanding their faith for generations to come!

With respect and gratitude,

Mike Beato, Anne McGuirk, Tim McMullen, Greg Stamm, Mike Toner
Friends of Newman North Board of Trustees


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Friends of Newman North

Friends of Newman North (“FONN”) is a New York State nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation formed in June 2020 to promote and support Catholic Campus Ministry programs at the Amherst (North) Campus of the State University of New York at Buffalo (“Newman Center at UB”).

Friends of Newman North is independent of the Newman Center at UB and the Diocese of Buffalo. FONN is governed by a board of trustees.